Jernbanegade 8,
Tel: +45 3316 3700


At Wallmans we first and foremost celebrate you and your guests, but this season we have something more to celebrate. Our historical building is turning 130 years old and that of course needs to be marked with a tremendous show!

Now is the time to treat yourself and your friends, colleagues or family to a spectacular experience at Wallmans in the Circus Building. You are guaranteed an evening where food, entertainment, good vibes and magical surroundings are united in perfect harmony.

While the new show FLASHBACK unfolds beneath the beautiful dome, the 4 course menu of the evening is served. Let yourself go on a magic journey where outstanding musical interpretations, seductive dance, entertaining artistry, and fascinating acrobatics will fill the evening and the Circus Hall.

You will get a unique total experience only to be found elsewhere in some of the world’s biggest show-cities like Las Vegas, Berlin, and Paris. Look forward to an unmatched stage show, glittering costumes and music from the biggest stars such as Shania Twain, Bruno Mars, and Jennifer Lopez.

There will be an interval between each act to make time for a cosy chat and to take in and enjoy every impression. FLASHBACK is an international show performed in English and thus can be enjoyed by everyone.

This season, the artists will once again be performing on stage at one moment and serving you by your table at the next. You will be up-close and become a part of it all.

The evening culminates in a roaring finale that presents a true FLASHBACK to all the musical highlights from the 80’s and 90’s. It will be impossible to sit still and before you know it, the party will be alive and kicking in the biggest nightclub in Copenhagen.

Welcome to FLASHBACK at Wallmans in the Circus Building!

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