Flegborg 16,
7100 vejle,


The Vejle Kunstmuseum – Vejle Museum of Art – holds collections primarily of Danish art from the beginning of the 20th century until the present day.


The collections of prints and drawings

At the core of its collections, though, is a donation of 2000 prints and drawings, the so-called Eckardts Samling (:Collection) of 1899, which is the very reason for the existence of the museums in Vejle. It comprises old master prints by for instance Albrecht Dürer and 50 prints by Rembrandt. On this foundation the print room of Vejle Kunstmuseum has grown to about 15.000 items, with an excellent collection of Danish prints and drawings.


The collections of paintings and sculpture

The holdings of paintings and sculpture comprise about 1500 items.

Apart from a small collection of Danish art of the Golden Age (mid 19th century), it primarily consists of Danish classical modernism of the early 20th century, influenced by French art; abstract expressionism (Asger Jorn and his contemporaries); late surrealism of the 1960’s and forward; new trends from the 1980s and forward.

Landscape painting is strongly represented in the collections, which also include a small, fine selection of paintings from the Faroe Islands.



Vejle Kunstmuseum consists of three buildings: The first museum building from 1923, the old library of 1934 and a modern exhibition house with a stunning entrance hall.


The modern part was designed by Kim Utzon Architects and completed in 2006. The three very different houses give excellent opportunities of varied exhibition possibilities in accordance with the varied nature of the collections.