Vesterbrogade 3,
1630 København V,


Whether you are coming to the Tivoli Gardens on business or pleasure the Tivoli Gardens has a large variety of venues, rides, and amusements. The Tivoli Gardens has something for all ages and sizes. Go for a stroll through the beautiful garden and enjoy a nice dinner in one of the Tivoli Gardens’ many diverse restaurants. Tivoli is Denmark’s most visited attraction and one of the Top 5 amusement parks in Europe in terms of attendance. More than 18,000 people own shares in Tivoli. Tivoli was inspired by the so called romantic pleasure gardens of Europe. Romantic in the sense that they were landscaped according to the English tradition of forming naturalistic ornaments, as opposed to the French style with its strong, geometric lines. Tivoli’s founder, Georg Carstensen (1812-57) had seen pleasure gardens on his journeys through Europe, and in 1841 he applied to King Christian VIII for permission to establish and run his ‘Tivoli & Vauxhall’ for five years.

Tivoli is many different things: Denmark’s most popular tourist attraction is simultaneously an institu- tion, a bearer of tradition, a national symbol and a company. In down-to-earth terms, Tivoli is an amuse- ment park covering 82,717 sq.m. in the centre of Copenhagen. But the special thing about this area is that all Danes are familiar with it, and almost all have an emotional investment in it. Internationally, Tivoli also enjoys a special status. Not only is it one of the world’s oldest amusement parks – the one that gave Walt Disney the idea for his Disney- land – it is also the third most visited in Europe. Tivoli has a tradition of renewal. As its founder, Georg Carstensen, said in 1843: Tivoli will never be finished. Almost every year, there’s some new addition – a new ride, a new restaurant, a new kind of entertainment – and the old must make room for the new. But Tivoli is more than just amusements, good food and entertainment. Tivoli is also fairy lights, flowers and above all, romance. Tivoli is at its most romantic when darkness falls, but no matter when you choose to visit the Gardens, it’s like stepping into a magic universe. The fairy tale starts the moment you leave the outside world …

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