One of Copenhagen’s Cultural Icons


In May 1886, the Circus Building was inaugurated by a large public festival in Copenhagen, and today the building is the oldest of its kind in Europe. It is a landmark in Copenhagen and is known and loved by the Danish population. Today the spectacular Wallmans Dinner Show is the Circus Building’s resident entertainment, but the Circus Building is also used by both individuals and businesses for parties, conferences, conference dinners, meetings, award shows, Christmas parties, office parties, anniversary parties and much, much more. The unique capacity and magical surroundings of the Circus Building makes every event possible. The sky is the limit!

The building and the architecture

In 1982 the City of Copenhagen began a comprehensive and thorough renovation of the Circus Building with the objective of restoring it to its original appearance. That led to highlighting the distinctive architecture of the Circus Building with the enormous dome, the arched corridors, the festive lobby, the coloured seating and the special circus atmosphere. Meanwhile, everything was given a highly successful, extra touch with the unique colours selected by the architect, Verner Panton. After the restoration both the Circus Building itself and Verner Panton’s colour scheme were listed.

Wallmans and the Circus Building

In 2003 the Swedish entrepreneur Hasse Wallman (born 1936) took over the running of the Circus Building, and since then Wallmans have occupied this Copenhagen cultural icon. Today this well-known, popular dinner show, during which guests see a spectacular show, while simultaneously enjoying a delicious 4-course meal, is the Circus Building’s main activity. This year (2013) Wallmans are celebrating their first 10 years in Copenhagen with a special anniversary show entitled Sweet Addiction. Last year’s show was seen by a total of almost 75,000 guests, while, since the beginning of 2003, Wallmans Circus Building has entertained more than 750,000 guests

An international experience for tourists

It is not only the people of Copenhagen and Denmark, who make the journey to the Circus Building.  Just as the cast of the show comprises creative and professional dancers, singers and circus stars from many different corners of the world, today’s guests also cosmopolitan, representing an enormous cross section of different countries. In contrast to traditional Danish plays and musicals, Wallmans Dinner Show is international. Every guest, regardless of nationality and language, can be bowled over, entertained and thrilled.

A perfect venue for business meetings and conferences

In addition to Wallmans Dinner Show, today the Circus Building also plays a major role in Danish and international business communities. The Circus Building can accommodate professional and social events, with room for between 200 and 1,000 guests. This makes it an ideal venue for everything from corporate events, award shows and anniversaries to congresses, conferences and meetings. It is possible to rent the entire Circus Building, or the smaller Buddha Lounge (the old camel and horse stables).

Capacity of the Circus Hall

Minimum 200 people
Maximum 1000 people

Capacity of the Buddha Lounge

Minimum 40 people
Maximum 140 people by chairs lineup
Maximum 80 people by round tables
Maximum 120 people by long tables