Jacob Fortlingsvej 1,  DK-2770 Kastrup,  Tel: +45 4422 2244


The Blue Planet – Aquarium is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium and offers a unique experience for children and adults.

The Blue Planet has water on all side and is intended to give the visitors a feeling of being under water.

The new building has five “arms” from the center of the aquarium. That way the guests can choose their own way around the aquarium to see the exotic animals.

Ocean tank, Amazonas and Coral Reef

Experience the Ocean Tank, which is the biggest aquarium at The Blue Planet, where hammerhead sharks swim together with rays and moray eels in four millions litres azure sea water.

The Coral Reef shows colourful fish and other animals that live in the coral.

In the area, Amazonas, you will find butterflies and birds flying around. You can experience four aquariums from above or from the water level. Under the big waterfall, 3,000 piranhas and anacondas swim.