Sølvgade 48-50,
1307 Copenhagen,


National Gallery of Denmark is Denmark’s pre-eminent museum of art. No other museum in the country offers a correspondingly rich and varied selection of works from art history – dating from the early Renaissance to the most cutting-edge of contemporary art.

Here you find the best of everything: Paintings, sculptures, drawings, graphic art, photography, video works, and installation art. In short: 700 years of art in the heart of Copenhagen.

The collections have their origin in the art collections of Danish monarchs. They can be traced back to the reign of King Christian II in the mid-16th century.



The Royal Collection of Paintings and Sculptures: Numbering a total of 10,500 works, this collection comprises paintings and sculptures from Denmark and abroad, dating from the 14th century to the present day.

The Royal Collection of Graphic Art: One of the finest collections in the world of drawings, graphic art, and photographic art.

The Royal Cast Collection: Plaster casts of statues and reliefs dating from the year 2,500 BCE up until around 1600.

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