Infused with an eternal beauty, Sif Jakobs’ stunning jewellery collections have a luxurious contemporary style all of their own
The woman behind this popular brand is 35-year-old Sif Jakobs. Her travels, lifestyle and an instinctive passion for design have created a very personal jewellery label, the success of which is due largely to an enduring devotion to producing ‘affordable luxury’.



Sif Jakobs draws on a multitude of influences to craft her incredibly desirable jewellery. An accomplished goldsmith, she trained in Sweden before moving to Italy, where she worked for several international jewellery labels primarily in the modern luxury market.

Since the launch of Sif Jakobs Jewellery in 2009, the brand has grown rapidly and isregularly featured in popular fashion media. Sif’s unique and enchanting designs are now embraced by fashion and jewellery stores worldwide, while her international fan-base continues to expand.

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