Ny Østergade 9 (and Pistolstræde)
1101 Copenhagen


Seduction is guaranteed whether you decide to access the restaurant down the small staircase on Ny Østergade into a world of fascinating art or through the enchanting cobblestoned Pistolstræde to a beautiful wintergarden terrasse. Two entrances with each their specificity giving to l’Alsace its unique personality and magical atmosphere. During the milder months tables are set outside, peacefully surrounded by beautiful half-timbered ochre houses.

Franck, a true Elsässer, was headhunted in a big London restaurant by Josephine’s father and founder of l’Alsace(est. 1978), Franz Stockhammer. Josephine herself, with her education and many years of experience in large European cities, has lifted the heritage of her beloved father with grace and energy. The result of their combined stamina is a distinctive and stylish restaurant full of warmth perfect for business luncheons, a romantic date, a quiet moment after a busy workday or a prelude to a nice evening.

The menu with its French and Austrian gastronomical roots is frequently inspired by new ideas and possibilities. One of these, which has become quite a success, is the deluxe takeaway of the divine homemade foie-gras and exquisite Gewürtztraminer. The famed bouillabaisse can also be “abducted” in small portions for a romantic evening or as an enticing hors-d’oeuvre for a dinner among good friends.

There are almost no limits to what can be done when it’s up to Franck and Josephine, so please feel free to call and have a chat or drop by and let yourself be spoilt for a moment or two while peace washes over you and you regain your strength.

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