PS Bar Grill

T: +45 70701085


The new cantina in Pilestræde emphasizes relaxed atmosphere, simplicity and space for all.
PS Bar & Grill invites guests into the raw space in Pilestræde, it is an informal cantina with lunch, dinner, cocktails and bar atmosphere on weekends.
The menu consists of a number of small dishes, sideorders and sauces, so you can put together the meal completely as wished. Inspired by the Mediterranean food culture, the small dishes serve as snacks to share or combine for a full meal based on meat, poultry or fish – in a price range where most can afford.
Chef Paulo Guimaraes explains: “It’s simple, rustic food of high quality and we focus on an informal atmosphere. There is room for everyone, whether you fancy a few snacks and a glass of wine, a meal with the family or a larger dinner among friends.”
The wine list contains mainly wines from our own import and served in both the glass in half or full carafe. If you like a cocktail you can both request individually or a pitcher to the table – or choose sangria, which is one of the PS Bar & Grills absolute specialties.
Bon Appétit!

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