Bredgade 47,
1260 Copenhagen K,
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Silversmith Per Sax Møller finished his apprenticeship in the workshop at the Royal Court Jeweler A. Michelsen in 1972. The workshop no longer exists, but at the time it was the most prominent of a long line of excellent smithies. A number of the best architects in Denmark were associated with the workshop, such as Kay Fisker, Edv. and Tove Kindt-Larsen, Ibi Trier-Mørch and Erik Herløw. They designed silver objects of high artistic quality which Per Sax Møller produced based on their drawings during his apprenticeship. For those familiar with the post war production of A. Michelsen it is easy to see the significant influence Per Sax Møller was exposed to during his training.

Over the years the recognition of Per Sax Møller’s work has steadily increased, and both museums and collectors, domestic and international, have found their way to Bredgade 47. Besides the work of Per Sax Møller, the gallery exhibits exceptional silver brooches sculpted by the renowned Danish artist Maja Lisa Engelhardt. Also selected works by silversmith and sculptor Knud Holst Andersen, 1935 – 2009, and a selection of paintings by Birgit Zalcberg.