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Adorned with exquisite fine jewellery her body is present, but the expression on the woman’s dreamy face reveals that her mind is somewhere else. Inside her atelier, the golden muse of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN is obviously busy in quite another room of her own: the room of contemplation and creativity. In a poetic investigation of female self-expression and identity, this year’s fine jewellery campaign from the Danish luxury brand is expressed in the bohemian surroundings of an artist’s workshop – a metaphor for the space in which every woman finds time to define herself.
“Behind a woman’s busy schedule lies an entire universe of dreams and ideas that we long to live out. We have great loves and great ambitions. Plans of perseverance and of peacefulness. It takes a creative mind-set to find time to do your very best – and to dare live out all your aspirations,” explains fine jewellery designer and company creative director, Charlotte Lynggaard.
With tireless dedication, Charlotte Lynggaard and her team worked to define the family-run brand through a visual expression of bohemian authenticity. The Bloomsbury-inspired aesthetics came to life in an artist’s workshop, north of Copenhagen. A soft palette of harmonised, dusty vintage colours in sensual nuances of blush, coral, cream, grey, deep red, and dark green, creates the bohemian atmosphere that backdrops intricate fine jewellery: gemstone lotus buds, shooting stars of twinkling diamonds, flowers on the verge of bloom, alluring snakes, diamond- covered elephants, and silky-matte-surfaced gold leaves, sprouts, and bamboo twigs.
The pieces featured in the campaign depict the brand’s constant devotion to quality, craftsmanship and design ingenuity. With comprehensive collections, the brand addresses quality-conscious women on every continent.

“Whether she prefers delicate demi-fine styles or bold statement pieces, a woman’s choice of fine jewellery is very much part of the contemplations flying around her inner atelier. It is a creative as well as a strategic choice, because it is really about expressing the personality we want to convey to the world,” says Charlotte Lynggaard.
The designer is happy once again to have worked with experienced fashion photographer, Anders Overgaard, who also shot the brand’s circus campaign last year. For the third consecutive year, versatile Swedish model Mona Johannesson is the captivating brand face, this time epitomising the reflective, creative spirit of OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN 2017.
Recurring in the brand book, printed ads, social media, and visual merchandising, the atelier of the golden muse will inspire women across the globe to enter a meditative, inspirational room of their own throughout 2017.

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