Christian IX’s Gade 10
1111 Copenhagen
Tel.: +45 2398 0910


An immediate air of tranquillity greets you when entering the high-ceilinged jewellery gallery No.10 on the exclusive Christian IX’s street near Rosenborg Castle, home to the crown jewels.

The gallery’s jewels are presented in large antique glass displays originating from the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum. The workshop is in the back separated by a glass wall.

Edith Hegedüs is educated industrial designer and a trained goldsmith. Her jewellery is often inspired by something that has been on her mind, an experience or a special treasure from a trip abroad. In the boutique you will find exclusive jewellery in gold and diamonds or hand-cut Italian coral from Torro del Grecco, precious gemstones of all colours or jet from Whitby.

Edith also represents seven other Danish goldsmiths. All jewels are handcrafted – everything exclusive, unique and personal, just like the cinematic, edgy and eclectic atmosphere of the gallery – an air of “romantic film noir”.

“My clients are people in love about to get married. Flurried men about to propose to someone they love. Friends all chipping in to buy a special gift for somebody. A woman who wants to give herself a gift.  Or someone who has emptied her jewel box of old and new gemstones and that we together turn into the jewel of her dreams.”

Jytte Kløve, Pernille Elsass, Ditte Stepnicka, Camilla Brockenhuus-Schack, Rikke Lunnemann, Nicolette Stoltze, Nanna Schou, Edith Hegedüs

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