Gothersgade 105,
1123 Copenhagen,


Mads Heindorf is the goldsmith and designer.
Art, quality, handicraft and design is the soul of he’s jewellery.

Art and design is his passion. The works are innovative and inspiring, which gives him a place among the elite of Danish jewelry designers. Quality and craftsmanship goes hand in hand. Only hiring some of the best Danish goldsmiths in his workshop, and using rare materials as sapphires, rubies, black and white diamonds, tahiti pearls, sterling silver and 18K red- and whitegold. The Jewellery designer works with strength, flexibility and universal energy. Every jewel is handmade as a piece of art, that contains love, joy, strength, faith, thoughts, and the customers wishes. It also results in the use of many different symbols, drawn from throughout the world, from different religions, foreign languages and healing. The jewelry is worn by both men and women of all ages.

Fashion also reflects in his jewellery – colors, symbols and shapes that matches the time, combined with his own style.
Recycling is very important for Mads Heindorf. Most of the jewellery is made of sustainable materials. Often the customers brings their old jewelry for remelting. It has several advantages: Savings for the customer, consideration for the environment and preservation of the sentimental value.

Mads Heindorf makes both exclusive “one of a kind” pieces, and collections in gold- and silver. His goal is to give the jewelry a harmony that match the customer.

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