Kollerød Bygade 36,
3450 Allerød,
T: 2399 1899,,


Through the last 21 years, well known artist Lina Murel Jardorf has decorated numerous private houses and companies. She has had many challenging experiences – some of her most exciting  tasks and clients include:


Deloitte (accounting company):

4 bronze sculptures and an oil painting for the new Deloitte domicile in Birkerød, Denmark.

House of Dreams (danish design house):

1 bronze sculpture, 4 metres tall.

Novo Nordisk Art Association (medical company):

The Christmas Gift of 2008 – 1500 minor bronze sculptures.

Ros Torv, Roskilde (public space):

1 bronze sculpture, 2 metres tall.

Gefion (consultancy in agriculture):

Wall panel decorations in 3×3 metres.

MONTANA Møbler (furniture company):

Decoration of 2 bookcases for MONTANA ARtour.

3 big bronze sculptures for Peter Lassen, creator of MONTANA.

Sjælsø Gruppen (estate developing):

”De 7 Følelser” – The 7 Feelings – a big art piece consisting of 7 bronze sculptures placed in the court yard of the new Sjælsø domicile.

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