Renowned and controversial Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth always dreamed of having an independent gallery of his own, where he could exhibit art by all his artist friends around the world. This year, the dream came true and Hornsleth & Friends – Contemporary Fine Art Gallery finally opened in the centre of Copenhagen at the über-posh address Bredgade 8. The gallery is managed by Hornsleth’s friend and Persian art dealer Mehran Esmaili.

The main vision with the art space is to showcase wake-up artists and radical, curious and critical contemporary art. As Hornsleth puts it: “Most art shows around here bore me to death and do not seem to question the cultural and political abuse of the average person. I hope we can challenge our guests visually and intellectually, and push them to the border where they either run away screaming or stay with us forever.”

This recent painting by Hornsleth, entitled  Great Love, is an ongoing experiment where he constantly, almost hysterically tries to push the borders of colour and shapes. 150x150cm oil on canvas.