Strandlodsvej 11B,
2300 Copenhage,


When you step into Green Square Antiques on Amager it is our ambition that you enter a world of antiques that you will find nowhere else. Our large selection is on display in a natural environment for your inspiration. We strive to adapt to trends and our displays rarely stay the same for a long period. In our experience, and especially among the younger generation, the word “antiques” is often associated with being just “slightly too old.” We believe that this is not a fair perception. True antiques present true happiness, personality in interior design, quality and hence the possibility of styling your home individually regardless of your age. To us antiques are not a question of “either or” but more “both and” as many of us would like our home to be a combination of something contemporary – modern – functional and beautiful with the potential of styling with a unique touch. Some choose an antique refectory table in combination with contemporary chairs while others might choose the opposite combination. Many prefer a beautiful antique mahogany dresser or an elegant antique bureau or cabinet as single pieces. It is a completely individual preference and the choice is rich.

Our great challenge at Greensquare is to present our antiques with soul and originality to reflect the manner in which they were constructed. We hope that we have succeeded.  Apart from the descriptions of the origins of the items we stock you may zoom in on each individual piece to see all the detail. Do you want to experience the authenticity that we cannot display in pictures? Drop by our showroom at Strandlodsvej 11B. Whether you want to shop or not we believe you will go home to your own living room inspired.

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