Egeskov Gade 18,
5772 Kværndrup,


For more than 450 years, Egeskov has stood in its beautiful location in the landscape of Southern Funen. The name Egeskov originally stems from an estate of the same name and, today, Egeskov is famous for being the best preserved moat castle in Europe.

Egeskov Castle, the house as we see it today, was built by Frands Brockenhuus and was completed in 1554.
In the more than 400 years that have passed since it was built, various families have lived in the castle. In 1784, Egeskov was sold to Henrik Bille whose descendants have owned the castle ever since. In 1883, Julius Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille moved into Egeskov and, during his time at the castle, it was restored by Helgo Zettervall, a Swedish architect, who also made the tower roofs higher, re-established the corbie gables and built the gatehouse you pass through when visiting the castle.
The park has been open to the public for several generations and has remained unchanged since 1959 when restoration of the historic grounds commenced.
In 1967, the Veteran Car Museum was opened in the impressive building which used to be a barn and, over the years, the museum has been extended to include several of the surrounding farm buildings.
The Banqueting Hall was restored in 1975. Since 1986, the Hall and many of the other rooms in the house have been open to the public daily throughout the season.


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