Danish contemporary artist

The colorful paintings by Christina Julsgaard are distinguished by their significant, expressionistic and contrasting compositions.
In her works, she transforms her feelings, thoughts and experiences into intuitive visual abstractions. Her interesting background as a fashion designer has given her the graphical approach and intuitive color understanding, which helps emphasizing the highly topical expression, in her modern abstract paintings.
“The paintings are my emotional space, here I can link experiences, feelings and thoughts together for my own particular abstract language,” says Christina Julsgaard.
Christina Julsgaard has a significant artistic language, which in an abstract way portrays emotions and moods, and the viewer is free to interpret.

 Christina Julsgaard has a long and interesting CV of exhibitions behind her. In 2011, she was among the 102 Danish artists chosen to decorate an elephant sculpture for the great cultural event, the
Elephant Parade, which adorned the streets of Copenhagen in aid of saving the Asian elephants.
Most recently she has had an international solo exhibition at a gallery in Shanghai, China and a joint exhibition in Hong Kong. She now regularly collaborates with galleries in both Amsterdam, Berlin and Shanghai.
“The paintings allow me to communicate with people on a different level, like a kind of visual music. I hope to make a difference and contribute positively to the world with what I create,” says Christina Julsgaard.Art review:Christina Julsgaard knows the art of composing her pictures with an ease that is charming and a raw will that comes from a genuine painter’s temperament. She can force out the graphical rigor that is precisely required in the abstract expression. She has the creative mindset that is needed for the abstract expression to not just be another repetition. And she possesses the lyrical mindset that is needed for the paintings to exude poetry and feeling.
Ole Lindboe, editor and art declarant