Nyhavn 2,
1051 Copenhagen ,


Throughout the year, the Charlottenborg Exhibiton Hall mounts different Danish and international exhibitions of contemporary art, architecture and decorative arts. The construction of the Charlottenborg Palace began in 1672, as the Dutch baroque residence for the Norwegian governor Ulrik Frederik Gyldenløve, the illegimate son of the Danish King Frederik III. At the turn of the century the dowager Queen Charlotte Amalie bought the castle and her name has remained with it since.

In the C18 the building was being used by many public institutions, but as time went by The Royal Danish Art Academy took over most of the building and was officially inaugurated in 1754. After many disputes on how to raise an adjacent exhibition building for the Academy, ‘Charlottenborg Udstillingsbygning’ was finally opened in 1883, to designs by Ferdinand Meldahl and Albert Jensen. The exhibition building, which also holds The Danish Art Library, underwent significant restoration in the late 1970s and was renamed Kunsthal Charlottenborg in 2007.