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Cecilie Westh’s works depict the human condition, the way we stage-manage our life and our underlying emotions. They portray the masks we put on and take off in our effort to fit in, masks that can be interchanged to reflect who or what we aspire to be. Her works are portrayals of the complexity of humankind, the beauty of imperfection, the quirky and the whimsical. Her characters lend themselves to the public eye with proportions that transcend accepted ideals of beauty. They live in their own world but engage in small, everyday challenges and situations, which are rendered with humour and poetry.


Cecilie Westh’s work reflects a woman’s view of herself. She turns her thoughts inside out. For instance – are we humans for sale? Not necessarily for money, but we have sold our souls to society and to the things that are expected of us and to the role we have taken upon ourselves to fulfil – or for different reasons have adopted – in our yearning for the easy life. And so! What came first – the chicken or the egg, the hen, surrogate mother or the housewife? She plays with horns and wings, good and evil, with a battle that is to be fought, perhaps just in the kitchen or perhaps in our inner heart. She toys with global ideas, situations that many of us recognise from real life and with familiar setups that we perhaps see in ourselves.