The Odd Fellow Palace, right wing,
Bredgade 28,
1260 Copenhagen K,

The gallery showcases a range of cultural and artistic disciplines with the focus on national and international visual art, photography, video and light installations, paintings and sculptures.

The  gallery a side of exhibitions welcomes other forms of cultural expressions including art-talks about the international art scene to inspire a dialogue for contemporary thinking.

Cath Alexandrine Danneskiold-Samsøe Gallery features works by Geoffroy Medinger (FR), Maleonn (China), Tie Ying (China), Cai Hongshuo (China), Tim White-Sobieski (USA), Elia Festa (Italy), Jeffrey Robb (UK), Michael Chang (DK), Mette Ussing (DK), Ole Tersløse (DK), Kim Michael (DK) and other artists based in Copenhagen.