Bredgade 18,
1260 Copenhagen,


I choose traditional materials gold and diamonds.
The designs are linear, solid and symmetrical. The handmade pieces emerge confident and bold. I strive for a balance between strength and fragility.

My creativity is rooted in Nordic minimalism and Nordic light. But the major source of inspiration I find in the sea. In the Deep Blue world of silence I collect impressions which are later transformed into jewellery.

“Under the surface the inspiration is endless”

We work in gold, platinum and diamonds creating jewellery  for the independent luxury consumer. The BBG Code of Conduct calls for the respect for people, environmental awareness, sustainability in the supply chain and compliance with the adopted international standards.
To deliver to our globally responsible luxury consumer we work towards compliance with social/ethical and environmental aspects set forth by and ARM, Association of Responsible Mining.  The latter being a fairly new organization is still working on a Charter – and we follow them closely.We work with several trusted suppliers who are supplying us with raw
materials (gold, platinum and diamonds). One of the suppliers we proudly work with is ORO VERDE who contributes to the wellbeing of the communities of the bio geographic region of CHOCÕ, a world bio diversity hotspot and one of the most
neglected areas in Colombia.