Exclusive available in Copenhagen at:
Storm Fashion,
Store Regnegade 1,
1110 Copenhagen,


Launched in 2009 Black Dakini is the creative vision of native Copenhagen artist Cecilia Hellner.

After a successful career in art production on internationally known films such as “Dancer In The Dark”, “Les Miserables” and “Smilla Senses of Snow”, Cecilia’s life was changed by the early death of her younger brother.






Drawing from her years of traveling and studies of meditation helped bring comfort in Cecilia’s life after the tragedy, and with a desire to find positive vibrations she began crafting the jewels that would become her Black Dakini Jewels.

 Inspired by Tibetan prayer beads and malas, Black Dakini jewels are created using unique gemstones Cecilia gathers along her journeys to exotic locations such as Tibet and Nepal.

Fusing old traditions with modern life, Cecilia’s Black Dakini jewels draw fans internationally sending her positive spirit and vibrations across the globe.