By Eva Helsted and Camilla Lezuik Streton

Auctions are inspiring experiences where you can purchase rare and exquisite items that you won’t find  elsewhere. They also allow you to experience the excitement of bidding when an artwork by your favourite artist is up for sale, no matter whether your hopes are rewarded or dashed when the hammer finally falls.

If you haven’t purchased at auction before you might think such places are the reserve of seasoned auction-goers. But that’s not the case. Everyone is welcome at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art, although it’s always an advantage to know a little about the different types of auctions before embarking on the bidding.


One auction house – two types of auctions.
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art is probably best known for its traditional auctions, which have been held since 1948 following the classic method with an auctioneer, a gavel and a podium. Online auctions were introduced in 2004 and are based on the traditional principles of auctioneering – the only difference is that bidding, the auction and payment are conducted online.

You can place your bids at auction every day of the year within the categories of art, antiques, modern furniture, classical decorative art, jewellery and collectibles. All lots are presented with descriptions and photos at Here, you can easily distinguish between the two types of auctions, since the traditional auctions are marked with a burgundy colour and a symbol, while the online auctions are marked with the colour orange and a symbol.
Traditional auctions
Traditional auctions are held four times a year at the auction house at Bredgade 33 in the heart of Copenhagen and four times a year at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn. These auctions are popular crowd-pullers. At the Bredgade auction room, the auctioneer swings the hammer over fine art, antiques, jewellery, design and decorative art, while the Baltikavej department offers auctions of rare coins and stamps. Prior to each traditional auction, richly illustrated auction catalogues are published featuring all the lots on offer. Printed versions can be ordered from where electronic versions can also be downloaded.



Online auctions
Unlike traditional auctions, online auctions are conducted almost every day of the year at where you can bid for items within the categories of art, antiques, jewellery, modern design, books, stamps, coins, wine and weapons. Generally speaking, online auction lots fetch lower prices than lots at traditional auctions, but the quality is still excellent. Online auctions are conducted by the Bruun Rasmussen office in Aarhus and from the offices at Sundkrogsgade 30 and Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen. The different categories are featured on set weekdays, and the hammer generally falls at around 20:00.


All lots on offer at both types of auctions are presented for inspection at previews held at Bruun Rasmussen’s different departments. Here you have the chance to touch and study the items in detail and assess whether they live up to your expectations. At the preview you will also enjoy the opportunity to speak to Bruun Rasmussen’s valuation experts who can tell you more about the lots on offer.

The previews of the four annual traditional auctions held at Bredgade are always a memorable experience. The finest furniture and *objets d’art* are exhibited in elegant surroundings reminiscent of a grander age with salons with stylish interiors, opulent chandeliers and fragrant floral arrangements. Previews of the daily online auctions are less formal and held in more prosaic ambiances in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn and in Aarhus.

Whether you are looking for a modern painting, a furniture classic, a sparkling diamond ring, an elegant wristwatch or an exquisite bottle of Champagne, you’ll always enjoy a wide choice within every price range at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art.

A world leader
Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art is one of Denmark’s oldest auction houses and a world leader when it comes to expertise, market insight and valuation.