Hovedvagtsgade 6,
1103 Copenhagen,
T: 33919920

Copenhagen Airport,
Terminal 3,
2720 Kastrup

Apair Waterfront

Philip Heymanns Alle 17

2900 Hellerup




The philosophy of Apair is based on beauty, simplicity and balance in both products and store design. Apair was founded in Copenhagen 1995 and has since thrived both in Denmark and internationally. Apair is owned by Claus Freiesleben Hjort and Lise Freiesleben Hjort.

Apair strives to be in the highest end of the fashion industry and achieves this by selling elite products, made by top European designers, to its many customers, and has maintained the goal of being the premier shoe retailer in Europe since its inception.


Apair have a great selection of shoes for both men and women – – And at every opportunity – and an exclusive selection of  clothing and accessories, including jewelry. The shoes are designed and produced in Italy.
There is always an element of love in a bying process and we expect charisma to be as important as the mark. With some brands, we have however, a very long love affair.
Apair is also reserved at Acqua De Parma, delicious scent series from Italy
To present some of our brand we have Poul Smith, Cecare Paciotti,  Rocco P, Joseph,  Barracuda, Joseph and Barracuda


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