Anne Karrebæk

T: +45 2032 2382

Anne Karrebæk was educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.
Some of her most internationally known exhibitions were featured at Marienlyst castle and The Danish Royal Theater. She has decorated for several danish companies. In 2002 Anne opened her own art gallery in the heart of Copenhagen.

In “Ny Dansk Kunst” (New Danish Art 2002) her work has been descibed as:

“Informal abstract art with figurative elements and styllistically drawn fragments from the unconsciouness which depicts the artist’s own life”.

In the works from these years, Anne Karrebæk is inspired by George Baselitz and Per Kirkeby.

In recent years she has been focused on portrait paintings often commisioned and influenced by popartist Andy Warhol. In these she reflects feelings and the inner soul of human nature.