Timeless Beauty

Ole Lynggaard

The preferred jewellery studio of some of Scandinavia’s most captivating celebrity women, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen celebrates the company’s 50th anniversary this year with the new Snake collection and a dazzling catwalk presentation in association with the Elle Style Awards.

A family run company
As we arrive, one of Ole Lynggaard’s grandchildren leaves the atelier, running to school – a sight often seen at the family run company Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Together with his family, Ole Lynggaard has built a fine jewellery brand, recognised and loved by women all over the world. Charlotte Lynggaard, daughter of Ole Lynggaard, who is a goldsmith and designer like her father, joined the company in 1992, and Søren Lynggaard, son of Ole Lynggaard, has been CEO since 2003. Together with their spouses they run the company, which has more than 100 staff members – all of them carefully chosen and employed as part of the family business.

The family values are reflected in every corner of the company, creating passion in all aspects of working with the valuable jewellery. The whole feel to the company is indeed very down to earth, giving employees and visitors a feeling of being home.


Scandinavia’s largest
In 2013, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen celebrates its 50th anniversary. Situated at the same address since 1963, the company has expanded steadily and the small workshop has literally taken over the street, including neighbouring houses and rear buildings. Most Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen jewellery is still produced in the very workshop where Ole Lynggaard started his business 50 years ago. And with its more than 40 goldsmiths, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s largest fine jewellery workshop.

Having the production so close to the family company’s designers allows Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard to work closely together with their highly skilled staff in handcrafting their unique designs. Sketches and models are constantly studied and explored. And with a true craftsman’s dedication and skill the designs come to life.


Snakes – the anniversary collection
To mark the 50th anniversary of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, the founder has designed an anniversary collection, Snakes. By looking back in time to a visit to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum in the 1960s, Ole Lynggaard created a full collection of fine jewellery, consisting of earrings and pendants, etc. The latest addition to Snakes is a modern and very sensual gold bracelet. The collection has already been featured on several fashion magazine covers, which is, we must add, the perfect way to celebrate a great man and designer.

Design philosophy
With a functional and versatile design philosophy, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen endeavours to ensure that every woman enjoys a unique and personal look. Each year, Charlotte and Ole Lynggaard add new pieces to the collections, offering passionate customers around the world the possibility of developing their personal collection. Combination, functionality and coherence have always been the focus to encourage a personalised look, be it feminine, extravagant or contemporary. The company’s vision is to make women feel beautiful and unique all over the world.


Strong personalities
The quality-conscious women who have helped to express the unique universe and collections from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen include Connie Nielsen, Lene Nystrøm and most recently a long-term partnership has been forged with international supermodel Helena Christensen – all Scandinavian-born women with a strong international appeal.

Through the years, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen has carefully chosen to work with profiles and confident women who have achieved remarkable results in their lives.

About the partnership with Helena Christensen, designer Charlotte Lynggaard says, 

“We feel that Helena Christensen matches our thoughts and values. Helena is a mature woman with power and style, she is a natural beauty and furthermore she is sexy. She is a woman of values, cares for the environment and has an overall distinguished social consciousness. As a woman, Helena knows what she wants, which path to choose and she is not afraid of challenging herself should new possibilities arise.


Anniversary show
For many years, Charlotte Lynggaard toyed with the idea of expanding the jewellery universe to encompass the whole woman from top to toe. Now, she has seized the opportunity to create this complete concept in a dream of a show, where jewellery, dresses and scenography fuse together to form an ethereal symbiosis.

For over a year, Charlotte has created innumerable sketches and ideas for her fashion designs, which now finally come to fruition on the catwalk. Seamstresses have been working overtime to ensure all 20 dresses, jackets and coats live up to Charlotte’s high standards, and the designer has also been intensely involved throughout all the stages of the process.

The collection includes elements of crochet details, created from old traditional patterns, and the finest of furs complement the exclusive silks and antique laces.

The focus is on the craftsmanship, and every single detail is carefully inspected, with the exact same attention given to the jewellery at the goldsmith workshop in Hellerup, Copenhagen, where the family company is based.

Every single piece of jewellery has been specifically included as details of the overall look in the fashion show, and they stem partly from the collections created over the 50 years of Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s designs as well as from completely new, unique jewellery ideas.

The show will be featured in association with the ELLE Style Awards in Copenhagen in May.