Place Vendôme – in Copenhagen

By Anna Vestergaard

For the first time in the 156-year history of Maison Boucheron, the prestigious Parisian brand will be represented in Scandinavia when, in April 2014, their exquisite jewellery will be available in Copenhagen exclusively from Hartmann’s.

Boucheron is one of the most prestigious jewellery houses of Paris, and its iconic jewellery is celebrated for its splendid arrays of gemstones and sculptural details. Reflecting the diversity and values of the historic Maison Boucheron, the jewellery collections appeal to both royal circles and international talents. Beyoncé, Amber Heard and Salma Hayek are among the many who have worn one of Boucheron’s signature designs, namely the Quatre Classique line, a standout collection that with its simplicity embodies artistic detail and technical superiority. The Quatre Classique line was launched in 2004 and offers a rich interpretation of beauty, representing a modern visionary style that is both mystical and elegantly appealing. Quatre Classique consists of four elements: the Clou de Paris, grosgrains, mirror setting and double godron, which can constantly be re-interpreted in new constellations. Modern and bold, the jewels offer a distinctively striking combination of golds and textures that never cease to amaze.

A legend

In 1893, Frederic Boucheron was the first jeweller to establish his business on the famous Place Vendôme in Paris. Intrigued by the unique light reflected in the showcased gemstones by the Parisian square from morning to evening, the Place Vendôme boutique became the model for all Boucheron sales locations worldwide. Boucheron’s decision to award Hartmann’s the honour of becoming the exclusive Scandinavian distributor of their exquisite jewellery collections was founded on the unique expertise of the Danish company and the magnificent location of their Copenhagen store on Bredgade, the city’s classic gallery street. “Hartmann’s is one of Scandinavia’s leading jewellers and Ulrik Hartmann is considered Scandinavia’s top diamond expert. His fascination with and knowledge of diamonds and precious stones offers a sound foundation when relating the story of the imaginative and beautiful creations from Maison Boucheron,” states Boucheron. Reflecting the unique 156-year legacy of the Parisian jewellery maker and their ultimate ambitions and exquisite portfolio, the Quatre collection is also joined by other remarkable collections, including Ava, Serpent Bohème and A Collection of Animals. The latter is a jewellery collection celebrated for its tantalising hedgehog and swan motifs adorned with precious gemstones, a collection that has become iconic for the Maison Boucheron.