La Sylphide – Still Life

Paul Wesolek

*La Sylphide – Still Life* is an investigation into what happens when two monumentally different art forms – ballet and photography – seek common ground within aesthetics and visual beauty. A deconstruction of a piece of golden romantic heritage with the aid of photographic technique.

You are invited to admire the magnificent result of the endeavours of artistic director Nikolaj Hübbe and photo artist Paul Wesolek in interpreting the famous romantic ballet classic *La Sylphide* by the grand old man of Danish ballet, August Bournonville (1805 – 1879).

Photographer: Paul Wesolek

Director: Nikolaj Hübbe

Dancers: Susanne Grinder, Kristoffer Sakurai, Jette Buchwald, Gitte Lindstrøm, Alexander Stæger, Charles Andersen, Constantine Baecher, Josephine Berggreen, James Clark, Eliabe d´Abadia, Holly Jean Dorger, Shelby Elsbree, Jón Axel Fransson, Lena-Maria Gruber, Hilary Guswiler, Emma Håkansson, Christian Hammeken, Sebastian Kloborg, Marcin Kupinski, Rebecca Labbé, Cecilie Lassen, Birgitta Lawrence, Kizzy Matiakis, Byron Mildwater, Alba Nadal, Stephanie Sahlgren, Mathilde Søe, Bryant Steenstra, Julie Valentin, Louise Østergård.

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