In the Name of the Rose

By Nina Hald

Celebrated for its watches, Swiss company Piaget is also the creator of haute joaillerie – the most prestigious and illustrious jewellery.

The connection to the floral world is no coincidence. Yves G. Piaget (b. 1942), the fourth generation of the founding family, originally studied horology at Neuchâtel University and since gemmology in the US – and he’s always been very fond of roses.

Since 1976, Yves Piaget has served as a judge in the Geneva International Competition of New Roses, a contest where the prize is a gold rose in natural size, made by Piaget. In 1982, the winning rose variety was named Yves Piaget Rose.

In addition, Piaget sponsors the restoration of the rose garden at Napoleon and Empress Josephine’s Parisian château, Malmaison – a garden that was and is famous for its 750 rose trees and shrubs, representing 250 species.

With Piaget’s historical and contemporary connection to roses the rose motif has become synonymous with the company, which in January 2012 celebrated the flower of love with an extensive 30-year-anniversary collection, Piaget Rose.

Clearly, Piaget Rose jewellery has been picked in a garden of diamonds; beautiful jewels that can flourish forever, inspired as they are in equal measure by love and nature.