Images of Copenhagen

The unique thing about Copenhagen is the Copenhageners. Without them, the city would have no soul – and no world fame.

In their books, Journalist Pernille Stensgaard and photojournalist Anne Prytz Schaldemose uncover the city’s 11 different urban districts and their tribal rituals to unearth what binds the natives together in each neighbourhood. Copenhagen is far more diverse than you may think. Christianshavn has a legendary 1970s hippy village. There are designer canal docklands and gentrified hipster hangouts. And every time the authors cross the borders between these neighbourhoods, they discover new urban lifestyles and distinct codes of how to dress, eat and live. Everyone wants to blend in with their district neighbours, who all somehow see themselves as more Copenhagen-core than everyone else in the Danish capital.

The books are available in Danish from bookstores in Copenhagen and from