Gold on their minds

By Anna Vestergaard

Two ambitious sisters have embarked on an innovative project to rekindle an interest in Danish jewellery, not only in Denmark but also around the world. Their latest project has already sent sparks flying in London.

Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen and Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry have years of experience working with both national and international jewellery brands. Their company, Goldmind Communications, has recently launched a new initiative, ‘The Jewellery Room’, which offers a platform for selected jewellery brands to showcase their finest designs for the Danish and international fashion press and buyers alike. The project first opened its doors in August 2013, when the most ambitious Danish jewellery brands came together with a single message: to convey the unique design heritage of Danish jewellery. “We established ‘The Jewellery Room’ because we had for some time experienced that a variety of different jewellery brands were struggling to get noticed in the fashion industry. By bringing together the most interesting (brands) in a joint promotion, we could give them just that: a comprehensive approach to what Danish jewellery has to offer,” says Pernille Møbjerg Knudsen.

Danish jewellery designers are exceptionally good at creating designs that express character and personality. They create jewellery that complement fashion and which is both fashionable and timeless. Fashion is created by the clothing industry, but jewellery gives you personality, which is why a design should retain its appeal for more than just a few seasons. The initiative includes small emerging brands as well as fine jewellery makers and more commercial names. Brands such as Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, Georg Jensen, Shamballa and Pandora are accomplished makers of good, storytelling design and are well on their way to positioning themselves as strong players on the international jewellery scene. The more fashion-oriented brands are also fast following suit. “We are not going to create or shape jewellery brands. The talent is already there, whether we are talking of high-end or more fashion-oriented jewellery brands. We provide individual jewellery brands with the opportunity to tell their story and showcase their designs and talent. We create the framework, the rest is up to the designers who are invited,” explains Charlotte Møbjerg Ansel-Henry, highlighting the next generation of jewellery brands. “The more fashion-oriented brands, such as Sif Jakobs Jewellery, Maria Zabel and Maria Black, are the next ones that will be interesting to follow. Each of them has managed to create a bold concept with a recognisable Scandinavian look. These brands are gaining ground in the international markets. We also have some smaller, really talented jewellery brands, such as Josephine Bergsøe, Jane Kønig, Christine Hvelplund, JEWLSCPH, Sophie Bille Brahe and Vibe Harsløf, which are all pioneers on the design front. They help to attract international attention since their design vocabulary is so cutting edge.”