Elevated and Unique

Krebs & Hyllested

Discreetly located in an above-street boutique workshop, master goldsmiths Krebs & Hyllested are celebrated for their unique contemporary jewellery and bespoke designs for the discerning individual. By Theresa Valbæk

At Krebs & Hyllested, there are no fancy display windows or loud corporate signs. A discreet notice on the entrance intercom is all that indicates the whereabouts of the townhouse workshop on the medieval square Nikolaj Plads, located close to Kongens Nytorv and the pedestrianised Strøget.   The discreet above-street location is no coincidence, reflecting a desire on behalf of the two celebrated Copenhagen goldsmiths to allow clients with a passion for unique jewellery, whether celebrities or more mortal aficionados, to order and purchase their jewellery designs in the comfort and convenience of a private studio. “We really pride ourselves on our boutique setup that enables customers to purchase items beyond the glare of the public eye. That’s why we have chosen this location. After all, some clients spend quite a lot of money, so to them such a discreet setup is preferable,” explains Anna Hyllested.   Quite often clients are invited into the workshop itself where they can witness the cutting of diamonds and other gemstones; a fascinating experience that often leaves visitors in awe of the contrast between the heavy power tools employed when fashioning jewellery and the elegance of the designs themselves.

A world of style The two master goldsmiths – Peter Krebs (38) and Anna Hyllested (34) – are married and have two young children. They first met when attending a jewellery college in the Danish town of Aalborg, and after graduating as goldsmiths they started their own joint company. In 1999, they re-located to their present studio on Nikolaj Plads.   The couple invests much of their time and unwavering dedication to developing an ever-evolving string of new designs. “We try to spend time on things other than jewellery, but we can’t deny that we’re very much into pearls and gemstones,” says Peter Krebs with a smile. Anna Hyllested chuckles and adds: “Yes, there’s no hiding that we’re a couple of jewellery nerds. We constantly challenge each other and seek new ways in which to craft our designs. That’s what we spend much of our time doing.”   Krebs & Hyllested specialise in contemporary collections but also create bespoke designs, reproductions of vintage jewellery and re-fashion old heirlooms to give them a new lease on life. “In fact, nothing is impossible here,” says Peter Krebs. “We follow the lead provided by our clients and the inspiration they offer. That’s why we embrace many different styles.”