Daniel Goldenberg seeks as his first priority to create aesthetically interesting paintings and has always been attracted to the challenge of painting realism, and learning classical painting techniques. Although the motifs seem carefully planned, it is often his intuition that determines whether a design will work and the choices he makes ​​during the working process. He pursues an understated mysterious dimension, but this is also best done intuitively, without his conscious attempt to do so. It is not his intention that his paintings are to resemble reality as closely as possible, and he usually removes distracting elements in the motif or even makes larger changes if this works better. Besides working as an artist, he teaches realistic painting and colour theory. He is a member of the International Guild of Realism.

Cityscapes, which have been Goldenberg’s focus in recent years, contain many elements he finds fascinating. In art as in life, opposites create tension (and possible transformation) and the most important opposites in painting are light and shadow. Other opposites could be isolated, bright colours that break the otherwise subdued colours, or the architectural buildings’ interaction with the functionality in sidewalk paving and asphalt, or the seeming arrest of time broken by the movement of a car or pedestrian. Goldenberg spends a lot time on research and photography, so he needs to be in the city he paints, which is Copenhagen where he lives.