Bjørn Wiinblad was a many-talented artist famed for his artistic verve and his lust for life. Indeed, his vivid, whimsical motifs were created to bring delight to the world. The Rosendahl Design Group now celebrates this acclaimed Danish artist with a new Wiinblad housewares collection.

Artful motifs in vivid colours of voluptuous ladies with angular noses – that’s the magical universe the Rosendahl Design Group sought to revive when in the autumn of 2014 they reintroduced the artistic world of Bjørn Wiinblad (1918-2006), a Danish artist and bon vivant, with a new and fantastical collection of contemporary housewares. Wiinblad was extremely popular back in the 1960s and 70s, and his intricate, whimsical female motifs brought a smile to many a soul. Since that time, Wiinblad’s designs slipped out of fashion – only to resurface in recent years as hip flea market treasures. Responding to this new trend, the Rosendahl Design Group now offers avid collectors as well as new generations a chance to own his lively designs.

With both a grandfather and a father in politics, the odds were stacked against Bjørn Wiinblad becoming a world famous artist. But his unique talent for drawing soon became apparent, and when he first gained a foothold as an artist his popularity grew rapidly, perhaps because Wiinblad went against the grain of many contemporary artisans who strove to achieve a modernist form of clarity. Wiinblad, on the other hand, was a maximalist, which comes forth in his ceramics as well as his set designs and total interiors. Bjørn Wiinblad was not only a multi-talented artist but most definitely also a bon vivant. His lifestyle was far removed from that of a struggling artist and he enjoyed life to the full. With a bulging bank account and a Swiss home, he would indulge in champagne parties and entertain the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wiinblad, however, never drank alcohol himself for it was at night when he was at his most prolific and created some of his greatest works.

But although he enjoyed an international lifestyle where worldwide celebrities were his guests, he felt most at home in his beloved house, Det Blå Hus (The Blue House) in Kongens Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen. Here, Bjørn Wiinblad found the inner peace with which to create the motifs the world came to love. His Danish home, which is owned by the Bjørn Wiinblad estate, is today a source not only of knowledge about the artist himself but also a wellspring of inspiration for those seeking to revive the DNA of his artistic legacy. Wiinblad’s Danish home is every bit as magical as his artistic world. So quite naturally, the Blue House was also the fount of inspiration when the Rosendahl Design Group set out to revive Wiinblad as a design brand. Indeed, the new Wiinblad collection came to light in these whimsical rooms surrounded by the many artefacts that belonged to the multi-artist, inspired by his lively artistic spirit. The collection comprises 47 new Wiinblad pieces, which are embellished with motifs that are 100 percent recreated after the artist’s original drawings yet reflect a contemporary colour scheme and design universe. With this new Wiinblad collection, the Rosendahl Design Group will not only reintroduce to the world an inspiring artist but also financially support Wiinblad’s ultimate dream of transforming the Blue House into a working museum.

It is with the greatest respect for Wiinblad’s design legacy that the Rosendahl Design Group launched the new Wiinblad collection in the fall of 2014. Here Rosalinde, Felicia, Cecilia, Amelia and Rosamunde take centre stage. Among the housewares these ladies adorn are simple white mugs, bowls, cutting boards and candleholders. The colours are simple and timeless and can be mixed and matched. With the new Wiinblad collection, the Rosendahl Design Group pays homage to this colourful artist in the very best way.

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